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    Samsung Debuts BabyCare Washer In 2014 Home Appliance Family

    WB7300 - WhiteMy husband and I were recently having a discussion about how we wish we had a washer/dryer in our apartment. Ever since our daughter was born 8 weeks ago, we (well, me) are doing laundry every. other. day. Seriously, this kid is not with us even two months yet, and I’ve been down in our building’s laundry room almost as much as I’m in my own kitchen. It’s been inconvenient to say the least. Then an invitation arrived for Lady And The Blog to check out the latest Samsung appliances to be introduced for 2014, and that included a baby laundry machine. I couldn’t check it out fast enough!

    WB7300 - PlatinumWB7300 - Platinum

    This miniature washing machine is designed specifically for baby clothes, and is cozy enough to fit nicely in a baby’s nursery, taking up not much more room than a hamper or diaper pail. At under one cubic foot, this washer is seemingly perfect to isolate a load of smaller items, and I imagine it’s a dream come true for cloth diaper users. It has the ability to add up to 7 rinse cycles, making sure all of that detergent is off and away from possible irritation. A dryer is not included though, so it is designed to complement a traditional washer/dryer system. Here’s what I’m wondering- how’s the noise level on this thing, and how long does it take to complete a wash cycle? The BabyCare Washer is a big hit in Korea, often given as a baby shower gift. Do you think this is something you’d like to add to your nursery?

    Be sure to visit the full scope of incredible appliances, including the Chef Collection, at the Samsung website.

    Written By Samantha Sendor

    Samantha Sendor
    Samantha Sendor is a freelance writer specializing in fashion, beauty, entertainment, bridal, fitness, lifestyle, and motherhood. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition, an all-inclusive bridal magazine and resource for the New York metropolitan area. Some of her favorite things include being a mommy, writing, weddings, baking, reading, traveling, Fashion Week, and spending time with her loved ones. Sam resides in Manhattan with her menagerie which consists of one precious puppy, a rather lethargic cat, her sweet newborn baby girl and wonderful stepdaughter, and her so-so husband (just kidding, he’s okay!). You can follow Sam on Instagram @samanthasendor, and on Twitter @samanthasendor (she promises to get better about updating in 140 characters or less).