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Daily Diary: I Just Got On Vine, Installed Cable And Bought Something Called A “Cellphone”

Yup. I’m always late to the party. Last night I started watching the new ’24’. Jack Bauer probably saved the world already and we are still thinking he is a wanted criminal. UGH! I can’t even tweet about my disappointments because I’m like 6 hours behind everyone else. I’m a dinosaur.

You know what else I finally got around to jumping on. Vine. You know, the Twitter video app that came out in 1492. I just decided to get an account last night when my cousin came over and now I’m flipping obsessed with it because the videos are so freaking funny. I’m running around in all my private Facebook groups asking everyone if they are on Vine and no one is anymore because it’s over and done with… and I’m like NO!! I JUST STARTED!!!

Plus I’m 40 years older than the average person on there – but that’s not going to stop me from making these 8 second wonders. I’m all over this people. All flipping over this.

My kids have no idea what is in store for them.

Want to follow me? PLEASE!!! I’m pathetic. I have like 1 follower. Oh my goodness. Click here. I’m going to try to do a bunch and see how it goes. 8 seconds…. it can’t be that hard, right? (who am I kidding?)

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