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    Pirc Collage 6-9-14

    Sure, the weekly store circulars are full of great deals on things you actually want, but who has the time to scour them all and find the deals and coupons? This is 2014, people, the internet has to have something to make this process a little bit easier, no?

    Well, I’ve found a wonderful new site called Pirc that really helps me out each week with my couponing and bargain shopping.

    It has all you need, right in front of you. Search for what you need to get your weekly savings, customized for you by favorite brands and categories. It’s all right there in front of you…with clear designations of the price, the exact product details, the stores that are offering it, and whether there are coupons for you to use. You can even create a comprehensive shopping list, and print the coupons right from your account! It’s fantastic. PLUS, Pirc sends you an email summarizing it all for you each week!! It’s amazing and it’s so easy to use.  

    Oh yeah, and it’s free. How. Can. You. Not…

    Check out my video below to see exactly how you can make Pirc work for you and make your life just a little bit easier:

    Sign up now to build a personalized circular, or Pircular, and get weekly deals and coupons delivered directly to you.

    As always, Pirc asks you to please coupon responsibly… ;o)

    To find out more, please visit:

    To help celebrate the launch of Pirc and maybe get your on your way to signing up and taking advantage, one lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive a $100 gift card!!!

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    1. I look through circulars all the time and they can get confusing. This looks great.

    2. I usually read whatever is in the Sunday paper. This would be easier to browse and keep track of.

    3. This is amazing! Life changing and will help me a lot – thank you for sharing!!

    4. I look through about 12 circulars and this would be so great to try out. This would make it so much easier and save lots of time. My email is

    5. I look at a couple of circulars each week. This would make it easier to see all the sales items in one place.

    6. I’ve grown a bit lazy and don’t even bother looking through all the circulars anymore–I just buy in bulk when something I use often is on sale. This looks like a great way to get back in the money-saving game like a pro again!

    7. I go through about 6 to 8 circulars for deals. I would love to try this!
      lyndadawinda1074 {at} yahoo {dot} com

    8. i read about 4 but i really dont do it as much anymore! thanks for the giveaway!

    9. I read a couple of circulars each week. This would save me not just money but also time.

    10. Well, it depends on how many circulars are in the newspapers we get, but it’s typically anywhere from 3-7

    11. I read 4 circulars every week. This would make it alot easier.


    12. I look through three or four each week, this would make my life much easier so I won’t get confused of which sale belongs to which store.

    13. I read 5-10 circulars and this would reduce time spent searching for specific deals since it can be customized for my favorite brands and products.

    14. I am fairly new to couponing but I look through 5-6 circulars to find the best deal for my family.

    15. I look through any of the circular’s that come in sunday papers, plus the usual blogs and videos I read or watch. Thanks for sharing this info!

    16. I read as many come in the mail…and then online…it takes too much time. this would make it so much easier and faster

    17. i read about 5 so this would help make writing my grocery list go smoother.

    18. I read about three circulars each week. I’d love to try this! Would definitely save me time and money!

    19. I read about 3-4 per week, so this would really help me shave off a few minutes.

      Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

      Thanks for the chance to win!
      wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

    20. I Look Through 5-6 Circulars Each Week, This Would Be Very Helpful, Save Lot’s Of Time.

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