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The Mom Challenge: The Once A Week Promise You Make To Yourself #gettinggorgeous


It’s our Monday Mom Challenge!

Each Monday, Audrey McClelland and I share a Mom Challenge for the week that we encourage our readers to try to fit into their lives. The Mom Challenges are all different, but they all have the same goal… help a mom take some time for themselves.

So what’s on the agenda for June 2nd?

It’s all about taking a healthy start for yourself.

Take the time this week to make some healthy choices in your life. Will you eat healthy? Will you start that morning yoga routine? Will you start training for that 5K? Will you walk around your block for 15 minutes? Will you start creating some healthier meals for you and your family?

Whatever is it this week, we’re just encouraging you to a healthy start.

Share what you’re going via Twitter with the hashtag #GettingGorgeous!!

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  1. Sometimes taking a few minutes to make a gratitude list really helps me gain perspective. I need this so I don’t get overwhelmed!! THanks for reminding me to do something that’s good for me!

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