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Daily Diary: Everything Makes This Boy Smile



I went out this morning to run some errands and Caleb was hanging out in his stroller waiting for me to wrap up. We were on a rather busy street and cars were racing by – one after the other. I noticed that he was laughing as they did and it made me think that there was a lesson to be learned there.

The little things, right?

He loves cars. He loves playing with them. He loves making the sound VVRROOOM VVRROOOMM and I guess he was actually hearing a version of that as they sped by us. That smile reminded me to stop and smell the roses… or watch the cars… or slow down enough to see my son enjoying his day.

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  1. Love this:) my son (1year last week) does the same thing. Makes you realize what is important in life and to enjoy all of the moments exactly like this. Thanks for sharing!

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