Getting Gorgeous In The Home: Unique Bookends

The real confession is that I have been searching for the RIGHT bookends for my daughter since the beginning of time and have been unsuccessful. No matter how hard I look, I cannot seem to find the perfect look for her room. Adult bookends? No problem! I can find a million options. And if you think about that — it’s sort of strange that the child version is so difficult for me, right? You would think that a girl’s room would be much easier than an adult living room!!

Either way, for this week’s Getting Gorgeous in the Home, I decided to focus on a small little detail that can add a lot of character to your shelves. Bookends! Here are 6 options:


1. Crystal Blue Ocean Magic // 2. Edison Bulb Lamps // 3. Vintage Owl Bookends


4. Industrial Wheels // 5. UFO Abduction // 6. Green Leaf

To see what my partner Audrey chose for this week’s GG In the Home edition, click here.

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