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  1. We celebrate Mother’s day with a huge brunch prepared by all the “Dad’s”!

  2. My husband usually fixes a nice breakfast and then we head out as a family to do something fun together, like the zoo or aquarium.

  3. We usually have breakfast together and I get beautiful handmade cards from my kids. Then we go visit the Grandmas with gifts from me, hubby & the kids. Last year we wrapped things up with a cozy movie night together, at home.

  4. We celebrate with a homemade pancake breakfast and by reminiscing about all of the happy memories over the years.

  5. We either go out to eat or have food brought home so I don’t have to cook!

  6. To celebrate Mother’s Day this year I will be taking my mom out for dinner and then walk around a nearby lake.

  7. I like to spend the day at home with my kids, they usually make me breakfast in bed. I love a relaxed day.

  8. I really don’t do anything πŸ™‚ Hug my kids and display the cards they make me, but nothing beyond that. My own mom lives far away πŸ™‚

  9. Probably go out to breakfast with my kids and husband and then I will likely go see my mama!


  11. We go to church and then go out for a nice lunch together. My kids usually give me a card and a Starbucks gift card! I have teenagers and they know I need caffeine!

  12. We take her out to eat and I always buy her the gifts she isn’t shy about asking for.

  13. This will be my 7th Mother’s Day and we still haven’t figured out a Mother’s Day routine. Each year we say it will be less about our mother’s and more about my girl’s mother πŸ˜‰ but that hasn’t really happened. No matter what good food always happens though.

  14. Since I live 500+ miles away, I celebrate by sending a card to my mom and a nice call on the day πŸ™‚

  15. We usually just try to spend a little time together, like having dinner or visiting my mom.

  16. My 4 year old usually makes me a card, then we go hang out with both of his grandmas for the rest of the day.

  17. We take mom out to a nice brunch with mimosas!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  18. We go to a mystery train ride where there is a make believe murder and we all help solve it.

  19. Sadly, my mom passed away in 2001 – so I make sure to spend a bit of time reflecting on my memories of her. We typically gather at my mother-in-law’s house and have a meal together. Hopefully this year we will be planning when to meet again and spread a load of rock on her driveway, as we are hoping to get enough contributions from everyone for that to be her gift this year.

  20. We go for a nice family lunch and I get to pick what we want to do for the day!

  21. Usually my husband and kids will make a nice dinner or breakfast for me and we spend the day together

  22. We usually get together with the family and have lunch. My mother passed away 2 years ago at age 56 so we celebrate her life.

  23. For mothers day it is my one day to sleep in and go to breakfast with my boys!

  24. We eat breakfast with my mother-in-law, then my husband and I spend time with our two children outdoors. We finish the day with dinner at my mom’s house.

  25. We spend Mother’s Day with all the Mother’s in my family and we make a big dinner and have fun!

  26. We usually celebrate w/ lunch after church followed by a very-low key afternoon!

  27. sadly, I’m estranged from my mother. So no Mother’s Day celebration for me.

  28. We go to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center with my daughter. We have dinner & ice cream on the drive home. This year my mom will join us.

  29. I try to make Mother’s Day special for all the different Moms in my life. It looks different every year, which is definitely exciting! my email is kandidlykelsey @

  30. A perfect Mother’s day is going out to lunch with my mom and daughter and then go shopping.

  31. This is my first ever Mother’s Day so I’m not sure. I’m hoping my husband lets me sleep in, then brings me coffee and maybe a little present!

  32. We usually do a BBQ and all the men do the cooking while all us ladies relax and visit. It is great!

  33. I try to have a fun and relaxing day. Going out to see a movie and some new cuisine.

  34. Showering my mom with love and presents πŸ™‚ Making her feel special with anything and everything is my top priority that day!

  35. My kids come home for the weekend, and we have dinner and do something special, a concert, movie, something.

  36. I like celebrating it low key! I just want to spend the day with my husband and kids.

  37. truth be told,it’s basically just another day.
    i act like i’m okay with that πŸ˜‰

  38. Since all my daughters are now Mom too, and this year my granddaughter is a first time Mom having a perfect great granddaughter for myself and my hubby…I hope we all can be together!!!

  39. This is my first mother’s day as a mom so we don’t have anything we “usually” do yet!

  40. We generally go out to dinner and just keep it low key πŸ™‚ nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  41. We usually spend the day together as a family sometimes a dinner out, bbq, or a family walk.

  42. When I am in the same city as my mom, I cook her dinner, we go to a movie of her choosing and then I give her a present when we get back home. sweeps785(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. I love a to put together a beautiful brunch for my mom and my husband’s mother, and shower them all day with little thanks… πŸ™‚

  44. I am mailing my mom a care package with organic skincare samples, korres mini set, and some other lil goodies.

  45. My birthday is Mother’s Day and I look forward to eating out with family! Happy mother’s Day!

  46. Our family goes out for dinner. I also get my mom flowers and some fruits and chocolates.

  47. We usually go out to lunch with family, exchange gifts, and just spend the day relaxing. πŸ™‚ My son is 2, so he can’t really do anything on his own for me yet….daddy helps. πŸ™‚

  48. I always took my mom out or had a little party for her at my house. Now that she is gone, I let my daughter make all of the decisions…she usually makes me breakfast and gives me something to plant in my garden.

  49. I take both of my parents out for lunch or dinner every Mother’s Day. It’s a tradition we all enjoy.

  50. My Opa’s birthday is around then, so we always gather at a family member’s house and extended family has a potluck in celebration of his birthday and mother’s day :0)

  51. I make my mom gourmet pizzas from scratch and get her a beautiful hanging basket of flowers.

  52. We usually just have a nice meal and sometimes go to the park


  53. My Mom’s no longer living. My kids usually give me flowers (which I LOVE) and take me to dinner (which I LOVE too). It’s a very enjoyable day. πŸ™‚

  54. I get to sleep in late while my husband takes care of the kids, then I get dolled up and take my mom out to brunch! πŸ™‚

  55. We always go to the nursery, buy a bunch of plants, and then the kids help me plant everything! Super fun!

  56. My mom is in Hawaii so I usually send her a fruit basket. My kids usually try to make me breakfast in bed, which last year consisted of toast with a jar of peanut butter and a 1/2 gallon of orange juice.
    anita dot truckenmiller at yahoo dot com

  57. I guess we don’t really celebrate it for me but I do for my mom. I have been a mom for over 5 years and haven’t heard a Happy Mother’s day yet.Boo!

  58. We get together and go out for a nice Polish dinner and then celebrate at my sister’s house afterwards.

  59. For Mothers Day every year I have a celebration at my house for my Mother and all the other Moms in our family and friends. We spend the day out back by the pool while the kids are running around.

  60. For Mother’s Day, we go to Sunday mass at church, then head out to brunch at mom’s favorite restaurant.

  61. my boyfriend and I celebrate mothers day for his mother by cooking her a nice home cooked meal

  62. last year we spent the day with my sister’s family and mom and walked the Marginal Way in Ogunquit. It was a gorgeous day!

  63. We usually go out to breakfast to a place where Mom eats free when accompanied by a child.

  64. This year, I’m leaving on a cruise with a girlfriend, sans kiddos, for mother’s day! Best present ever!!!

  65. I normally have my parents &/or in-laws over for lunch, or we head out for a day of shopping!

  66. My son and DIL usually take her mom, grandmother and me out to lunch and buy us flowers to celebrate. My mom has passed away so I remember her in my thoughts.

  67. I usually just go to my inlaws and have a cook out and just spend time with my family

  68. The family usually meets at my Mother’s house and have a late lunch and presents. Not sure what we are doing this year, sometimes we just all visit mom on our own. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  69. I will spend a quiet day at home probably. My daughter and son don’t live near me.

  70. I will spend it with my husband and daughter and we will go buy plants for the front yard.

  71. I generally take my mom flowers and her favorite chocolate and spend time with her.

  72. My kids usally make me breakfast in bed and then we all go to the park for a family picnic and then just star gaze or look in the sky at night in our front yard.

  73. Take my mama out to lunch and bring her flowers and a card with a heartfelt message inside. She loves when I trace my handprint on the back (and I’m 26 πŸ˜‰ Then we go to my fiancΓ©’s house to celebrate Mothers’ Day with his mom. It’s our first Mothers’ Day together so I’m not sure what we will do at his parents’ house. We will for sure bring her flowers πŸ™‚

  74. I usually just hang out with my kids for the day and open up gifts from them and my husband.

  75. I take my mother out to lunch or dinner (whichever is more convenient for her) and send my mom-in-law a card (since she’s out of state).

  76. I go out on Mother’s Day to one of my favorite restaurants and I bring back dinner to my mother who is bedridden.

  77. The family takes me out to eat & sometimes we go to a play also.
    thank you

    barbara (dot) montyj (at) gmail (dot) com

  78. Hi! I celebrate Mother’s Day with a nice lunch/dinner out with my son, daughter in-law, and grandson. So much fun!! Thank-you for this generous giveaway!

  79. My mom lives far away so I like sending her a gift basket with fun things. This is my first Mothers Day as a mom! I can’t believe it and will love doing anything at all with my family and new baby!

  80. I spend the day with my kids playing board games and going out for lunch. miss_candibear at msn dot com

  81. I usually make my mother and grandmother breakfast, and then take them shopping.

  82. I spend the day with my mother and family. We start off by going to Mass and then my husband cooks a nice dinner for everyone. It is a real peaceful day full of love!

  83. Mother’s Day, each year, I’m usually on a backpacking trip in the Appalachian mountains.

  84. We usually have my grandmother over, and since it often falls on her birthday, we celebrate that as well!

    chiclyddie at gmail dot com

  85. My husband & my sons usually make sure I don’t have to do much during that day! It’s nice to get the day off of housework and just enjoy the reason I’m celebrating Mother’s Day in the first place!

  86. We celebrate mothers day with a big breakfast and then we go to a local festival.

  87. My family usually goes out for dinner. My Mom lives out of state so I send a card and a gift to celebrate her!

  88. We usually have a nice brunch for mothers day and let the mothers relax.

  89. For Mother’s Day my son and I usually snuggle up and watch movies together. He always makes me the cutest pictures and crafts too πŸ™‚

  90. Usually, I’ll offer to take her out to dinner, and she’ll insist on cooking.

  91. We go to my mother’s home, bring her gifts and cook dinner for her. We clean up afterwards too.

  92. I live far from my mom so I usually send her a card and a present and I always call her of course!

  93. For Mother’s Day, I rarely get to spend the time with my mom because I live in California and she is in Colorado, so, generally I send her flowers with some kind of gift card attached (for Barnes and Noble or Red Lobster, etc.) — But this giveaway is AWESOME because I would use it to surprise her on our birthdays (which we share), which is only a few months away, and there are super cheap flights to get from LA to CO… so how awesome it would be to show up on her doorstep for our birthdays, but in her card for Mothers Day, say “Your Big Mother’s Day Gift is coming soon”~! πŸ™‚ And still send flowers so she has no idea! Ha! A dream of mine!

  94. Just making sure, since I am new to this… I just left a comment and the instructions say to leave your email, but since I left it in the Email box, I’m thinking I don’t need to leave it in the “comment” box as well – hopefully? I don’t see that anyone else has done so… just making sure.

  95. This year I am surprising my mother in law with pictures with the boys. I am so excited!

  96. I usually get breakfast in bed made by my husband and kids. After that its always different. One year we got family pictures done. That was really great!

  97. When my son was younger and living at home, he always made me breakfast in bed, then we would all go to the park, spending the day playing baseball, skate boarding. This year, I’ll be spending a relaxing day with my hubby, son will not be able to get off work to travel πŸ™‚

  98. We go to my mom’s house and bring a huge dinner. She relaxes and we make it all, clean it up and give her gifts.

  99. We spend the whole day with my mom… my son and I do! And my husband because his mom passed when he was 18.

  100. My family lets me sleep late and my husband usually cooks me a great meal and presents me with a card and gift.

  101. This year I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with friends as we go to the Listen To Your Mother show in Portland! Normally I just have a nice quiet day with family but this year is going to be a much needed getaway!


  102. Go to the Botanic Gardens Plant sale and then out to lunch.
    Thanks for the contest.

  103. My mom lives in a different state so I usually send her a box full of miscellaneous item I’ve gathered throughout the year that I thought she would enjoy. I also call her to wish her a happy mothers day and see how she liked everything.

  104. I don’t do much. The best Mothers Day gift is when my hubs takes the kids somewhere for the day! A day alone is the best gift ever! πŸ™‚

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  105. I make a special dinner for the family and try to relax for the remainder of the day.

  106. usually i get breakfast in bed, with the paper, and a present of some sort from my youngest. My oldest sends me a text. πŸ™ GRR

  107. I like to take a lazy day. I like to go for a drive with my family and have dinner out or get take out.

  108. Usually nothing. I send my mom and mother in law flowers. I call her and my mother in law. We order a pizza for the hubby and me. We have no kids.

  109. My mom lives in a different state, so I usually send flowers to her. I spend Mother’s day with my kids and we usually go out to eat. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  110. We usually have a BBQ at my sisters house for Mothers day with the entire family.

  111. We all go into the city to spend the day with Mom. My brother cooks or we go out to eat.

  112. My mom lives out of state, but my MIL lives here so we go visit her and bring along a gift.

  113. We usually have a picnic and then go buy annuals for my summer pots for Mother’s Day. Then we come home and my family helps me plant them.

  114. I spend the day with my kids and husband we usually go on a little picnic then go see my mom

  115. We don’t do much. My husband and kids treat me like it’s Mother’s Day most of the time so we don’t need a special day to celebrate.

  116. We celebrate by visiting my parents and my husbands parents. It’s a busy day for sure! My kids usually make me homemade cards. ; ) Thanks for the giveaway! wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com


  118. We just have dinner and get together with all the family!

  119. We usually go out for brunch and then just relax for the day. Thanks for having this contest.

  120. Thanks for the giveaway…we take our Mom(s) to a brunch with family & friends at their favorite restaurant on Mother’s Day.

  121. I spend time with my children. That is the greatest gift I could ask for. If it is nice out, we go hiking and fishing. If it is nasty weather, we go to the movies.

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