25 Free Mother’s Day Gifts: The Ultimate Family Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I am sure husbands all around the world are scrambling to think of the perfect present. Ahhh – who am I kidding? Men don’t think about these things until the morning OF. At least… that’s what Bill does. He always goes out for Starbucks and then doesn’t come home for 3 hours. He THINKS I am fooled… but I know he’s just driving around town in a PANIC looking for something to gift.

Well, this year I am doing him a favor. I don’t want anything MAJOR! I just want a few things from this below list. Actually, I want ALL THINGS from this below list. Can THIS be my Mother’s Day present? PRETTY PLEASE? We can knock them out one at a time? Oh my goodness!! How wonderful would that be?!

If you have a husband and children — pass this one along to them and let them know that you will take it all!!


25 Free Mother’s Day Gifts: The Ultimate Family Guide

  1.  Sleep in late on the weekend
  2. Get the children ready for school without mom’s help
  3. Dinner plans taken care of for the whole week
  4. House in complete order
  5. Toilet seat down
  6. Laundry in the hamper
  7. Let’s take that one further… laundry DONE for the entire family and then put away
  8. Clean out the garage
  9. Clean out the attic
  10. Alone time — like literally alone time — not with anyone… no not even you
  11. Food shopping responsibilities taken care of for the week
  12. Homework pass for mom
  13. Bath pass for mom
  14. Fight break up pass for mom
  15. Early bedtime for mom X7 (can this be every day of the month of May??)
  16. Sweep the floors
  17. Organize the pantry
  18. Clean up after the pets
  19. Vacuum the carpets
  20. Do the dishes and put them away
  21. Compliment mom
  22. Court mom
  23. Remember why you chose mom to begin with
  24. Have the children draw cards for mom for Mother’s Day
  25. Write a letter to your wife and tell her what she means to you — haven’t done that in a while, have you?
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