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Daily Diary: My Son… The Author


For the last few weeks, Liam has been working hard on a little project. He was writing and illustrating his very own book! So much fun, right? Well, today was the day that the parents got to hear the stories for the first time and I was THRILLED to be there.

The class broke up into groups of five and the children each got a chance to read their creations. Natalie did this when she was in the first grade and it was one of my fondest memories that year.



Once everyone was finished, it was time for the class party which basically meant LOTS OF SUGAR. Kids stuffed their faces with donuts, brownies and muffins. My son led the charge… believe me!

What a wonderful morning!! I can’t believe that my boy is old enough to write his own book. I’m both proud and sad at the same time. Slow down little man… slow down.

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