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Daily Diary: Feeling That Warm Sunshine On Our Faces

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The weather has been on our side lately. Well, besides the 24 hours of rain we are slated to have today. I’m ignoring the current downpour and just focusing all my energy on yesterday’s lovely forecast.

It was warm.

And sunny.

And fabulous.

After dinner, the entire family stepped outside to run a handful of errands. We all buckled up and made about 5 different stops. There wasn’t a complaint to be heard!! Why ? Because the windows were down and the radio was up. The kids skipped and ran to and from each stop. It was exactly what spring and summer should look like.

And just like that – we forgot this past winter.

Like childbirth. With enough time you forget the pain and discomfort. LOL! Now, we are knee deep in Jamba Juice and flip flops.

While my husband ran into the post office, Natalie grabbed me from behind in the car and I snapped this picture because I didn’t want to forget our fun little afternoon. We didn’t have our iPads. We weren’t virtually connected to anything. Heck. We were listening to the 50s stations and had the Beach Boys blasting! Couldn’t get any more grounded than that!

I can only hope that the rest of the season plays out like this.

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