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Daily Diary: Sports Season Is In Full Swing



I love the spring. This is ESPECIALLY true after suffering through the winter we all just had. Saturday marked the start of Baseball and Soccer season for Liam. It started with an 8:45 AM parade around town. All the teams were dressed in their uniforms — and guess who we got? THE YANKEES!! Bill is a MAJOR Mets fan. This is like the WORST THING EVER to happen. LOL! We almost died when we got the notice.

And get this. Bill is the COACH which means he has to wear Yankees gear too. It’s almost too much to handle. 🙂

After the parade, we headed to the game. I always tell my boy to get messy. Messy means fun. Ruin those white pants boy!! Ruin them! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.33.18 AM

A quick little break and then it was off to Soccer. Caleb has never seen so much sunshine IN HIS LIFE. Walking on grass. Wind in his face. It was like a whole new world, I swear. It felt so good – for all of us. We’ve been cooped up inside for months with snow and cold.

Thank goodness for the field.

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