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    VSP UNITY® Performance Optics Are Amazing (Plus Designer Sunglasses Giveaway!!!!)

    VSP UNITY® Performance OpticsIf you or someone in your family wears eyeglasses, then you probably are familiar with the name VSP.  VSP is the national leader in vision and eye care benefits offering vision insurance and plans for individuals and businesses. They are a great brand because they offer the best in eye care and customer service. We’ve used VSP before and have always been pleased, so you could imagine how excited I was when Bill was asked if he wanted to try out VSP’s UNITY® Performance Optics experience.

    UNITY Performance Optics provide high-quality, digital lenses and premium coatings for every lifestyle. The latest technology is used to customize your lenses to your unique visual needs. With UNITY digital lenses, your prescription will be tailored not only to your eyes’ corrective needs but also to your frame and how your glasses fit your face. UNITY has an array of lens and coating options for your lifestyle, and you can get all the goodies you love like the best designer frames as well as anti-glare and Transitions lenses!

    Bill is near-sighted with a little astigmatism thrown in for good measure.  He gets single vision lenses (one prescription).  As an example of the UNITY difference, see the images below. It gives you an idea how much better these lenses are crafted than your typical lenses.

    Unity boats pictureWith UNITY, you see the world in “high-definition.” UNITY single vision lenses use sophisticated digital lens design technology to give you the most natural and clear vision with exceptional comfort. In fact, UNITY lenses can increase your field of vision up to 20% more than traditional lenses. They deliver a more precise prescription than traditional lenses and yet still fit in all frames, including frames that wrap around your face (like some sunglasses).

    As part of the experience, Bill went to a local VSP Preferred Provider that carries UNITY (Find an optometrist that does here).  He received the most advanced and comprehensive eye exam he’s ever had, called the WellVision Exam®. He loved it, as odd as that sounds. He then had a retinal screening to check for eye health and other issues. All went well, and the doctor was not only professional and thorough, but really friendly and explained more about the eye and how glasses work than Bill (or I) ever knew. It was a great visit.

    At that point, Bill sat down with the ladies in the front of the office. He checked out a ton of different frames, from all the names you know and love. They had every style, every material, and every color one could ever hope for. It was a big effort to choose the best one, but he got a lot of good advise!

    Once the lenses were selected, he was given all of the options available to anyone with the UNITY experience. Different lens options like size, anti-reflective, scratch resistance, progressive, and Transitions. He actually went with the anti-reflective, scratch resistant Transitions with plastic frames. With the kids and life working at home, he needed a really good pair of glasses. Plus, he’s always wanted to try the Transitions lenses. The women working there were truly helpful throughout.

    The new glasses came about a week later. Bill picked them up, tried them on, and they looked and felt great!!! He absolutely loves them. The look of the frames but also the clarity in which he sees with them. They are a great  pair of glasses and make his vision that much better. The office was sure to let him know that he could come back at any time if there needed to be any more adjustments, if there were any issues with the lenses, the prescription (within 30 days), or even just to have the lenses tightened a bit once in a while.

    The entire experience was top notch and the product is just as good. He’s actually found his (and the kids’) new optometrist! Plus, I thin the glasses are pretty awesome. If you are looking for the best eye glass experience, I think you have to try VSP UNITY Performance Optics!! To find out more, visit and check out the links below:

    Now, here’s the best part…one (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive one pair of Designer Sunglasses of your choice!!!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Bill is a guy trying to be dad and husband while running an online media company at home with his wife. Piece of cake.


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