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Daily Diary: Pink Eye??? NO!!!!!

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I just spent 2.5 hours running around with my son and getting him medicine for pink eye. NO! Where did he get pink eye? Why does it have it? Who else will get it? I’m disinfecting everything!  You know this is one illness a parent of young children does not want to get. Little kids don’t understand it when you say “don’t touch your eyes”. In fact, when you tell them to NOT do something… they do the complete opposite of that, don’t they?

He is contagious for 24 hours. I’m washing all his sheets and dolls as we speak. Unbelievable. The doctor also said to watch out for any ear pulling. Apparently, this could turn into an ear infection pretty quickly. My poor little Caleb!! 🙁

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  1. We are going through the same thing +the ear infection in one ear. The information the doctor gave us said that pink eye can be the result of allergies (I think that is how our girl got it), but our youngest still hasn’t gotten it, so I think it was not a bacterial thing (at least for us). Hope the medicine thing goes easier for you. We have had much more success in the last couple of days than we did the first!

    1. our doc said the same thing about the ear infection — we are watching Caleb like a HAWK. He pulled on his ear today and I freaked. I hope it doesn’t turn into something bigger. UGH. GOOD LUCK LEAH!

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