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Daily Diary: A Much Needed Pool Break

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We are in LA – getting ready for our moment on the Muppets Most Wanted red carpet… err… press line with Suave Kids. I am so excited for my little ones!! This is going to be such an experience for them. But before all of that even started, I knew we needed a little family time at the pool.

Let me paint this picture for you. Four Seasons LA. It was the scene of all scenes… and then my two kids doing cannonballs and having splash fights. I almost died about a million times. But what else were they going to do? They needed THOSE FEW HOURS after the crazy winter that NY had (is having). So, I kept guiding them away from all humans (over and over and over again) and prayed that was good enough to not get kicked out. LOL!

PS – no one said anything.

Anyway, I have some ironing to do this morning. So, I’m going to start and get everything ready ahead of time. The only thing we have to be sure to do today is have lunch before the Suave team comes to our room to get our hair ready for the red carpet. AHHHHH

What a wonderful day this is going to be for Natalie and Liam. A once in a lifetime experience and I owe it all to Suave Kids!!


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