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Daily Diary: I Can’t Keep Up With The Weather Predictions

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Last night before I went to bed, this was the image that brought on nightmares. 9 to 14 inches. Are you flipping kidding me? I mean – come on! I cannot stand this anymore. Outside my house there are mounds and mounds of snow and ice as it is. Now we are going to add an additional foot or TWO?

I don’t live in Minnesota! I live in New York! Our winters usually aren’t this brutal.

When I woke up – I decided to check the weather again to see what they were saying. Any updates? Um. Yeah. A big one.

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Looks like the massive snowstorm is no longer hitting my part of town. In fact, it looks like we are getting RAIN and snow now. Where is the 14 inches of snow? GONE. While I slept. And I guess that it’s the weather and things like wind and mother nature play a part… but COME ON!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

I can’t trust anything the is reported. I just doesn’t matter. All the fear. All these hyped up reports. Just to be squashed in 12 hours. Just to be ramped up again 12 hours later. It leaves us all in a heightened state of fear and anxiety. Sure – things are fine now… but I’m just waiting for the next news report to tell me something different.

Is that what the news is all about these days? To keep us in fear? To keep us engaged? To keep us constantly checking because we can never trust what is being said anyway? Am I being overly dramatic. OF COURSE. But I can’t handle this anymore!! I just want the Spring to SPRING!

Bring on the allergies!!! I’m ready for it all.

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