Help Wanted: NYC Based Writer To Cover Baby, Fashion, Beauty And Travel Events


Throughout the last few years, I’ve been blessed to have such amazing women working for Lady and the Blog. As a work-at-home mom, there are times where it’s impossible for me to get into the city. I need to make sure I have coverage to keep you all up to date on the latest and greatest.

My writers in the last few months have covered Fashion Week, covered trips to Florida, California and the Dominican Republic and attended spa appointments to test out the newest products on the market.

But life can get busy and my lovely ladies are expanding their own businesses these days which means I need a little extra help. I am so proud of them and what they are doing! It’s exciting to see everyone grow together. But now we need a few new team players and I was hoping that either YOU or someone you know might meet this need.

Here’s What I Have To Offer:

  • Amazing experiences! Red carpet fun, on the set movie activations, spa trips, travel blog trips, cocktails and pampering. Blogging events are really extraordinary. You get to mingle with some great people, learn about upcoming products and trends and… have some fabulous nights out. 🙂  

Here’s What I Need In Return:

  • FIRM working knowledge of WordPress and photo editing
  • One day turnaround for write up. Must be photo heavy and include whatever messaging is required from brand / sponsor
  • Active social media presence – Twitter a must. Instagram a nice to have.
  • Three photos sent to me during the actual event so that I may share it on my social media channels
  • You will have your own log in and you will be responsible for getting the content up on LATB
  • Must include SEO tags in every post. (Will explain – very easy)

Rules Of Engagement:

  • You do what you want to do. There is never any pressure to attend an event. 
  • I send out the invites to the group and whoever writes back first gets to go. You will then contact the PR person to let them know you will be representing LATB.
  • There is no pay but the experiences can really be thrilling. I have been working with these agencies since 2005 and have had some great opportunities sent my way. With baby number three coming up – I just know I’m going to need a little extra help.
  • FULL DISCLOSURE – press trips are major. So, I really offer them to those writers who frequently handle events for LATB.
  • There are typically gift bags at these functions. You keep it all.

Types Of Events That Need Coverage:

  • Baby — I am DESPERATE for a mom blogger to come on board. 
  • Fashion and Beauty — This could be anything from a press preview, to a launch party to a spa day.
  • Travel Events — Away and Home. Sometimes, it’s a luncheon to hear about what a place has to offer and other times it’s a 3 day adventure. Either way, I need coverage.

Is There Pay?

  • No. There is no pay. HOWEVER – if I am offered a fee for attending an event I will pay you for your services. If there is an event that I absolutely need covered, I will pay you for your services. Everything else is experience building OR a fun night out. 

What If I Want To Ask For A Product To Review?

  • We can work on that. I just need to approve the product first to make sure that it works with LATB.

I Don’t Really Know WordPress???

  • I am so sorry. I cannot do any lessons on that. I’m upside down as it is. I really need someone who actively uses the software.

I Don’t Live In NYC!

Do you live in the vicinity? This is up to you. I would prefer someone in NYC because travel to and from an event will only be a few dollars. If you don’t mind coming in from other areas of the Tri-State area, I’m ok with that… if you are.

I Have A Blog. Can I Write Up The Event For LATB As Well As My Own Blog?

Yes. But please remember – I need the best content saved for LATB. The invite came through my contact and I would love for the meat and potatoes to live here. I have no problem with you writing a shorter version on your own blog. This will also help get your name into the system – so to speak. 🙂

Can I Bring A Guest?

Unless the invite specifically says you can bring a guest – the answer is no.  The NYC blogging circuit is a close-knit family though. You will make friends fast. It is almost impossible to attend an event where you don’t know SOMEONE.

What Happens After The Event Is Over?

  • You write up the review the next day and then contact the PR agency with the link to the story. Nice and easy. 
  • You also need to do one other administrative task that I will talk to you about offline which is super easy.

I’m In! What Are My Next Steps?

If you are interested, please email me at veryvera @ Looking forward to hearing from you!

Bill is a guy trying to be dad and husband while running an online media company at home with his wife. Piece of cake.


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