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Free Book Apps For Kids: My Kids Can’t Stop Reading Books On Their iPads

I have a list of free book apps for kids here for you in case you are in the same exact situation I find myself in. Last night, Natalie needed a chapter book to read for school. We didn’t have a new one to start and it was too late for me to run out and get her one. So, I downloaded the Kindle App on their iPads and set up an account for Bill. There was no way I was going to log in with my account. She doesn’t need to see the kind of books I READ.

Free Book Apps For Kids: My Kids Can't Stop Reading Books On Their iPads

Free Book Apps For Kids: My Kids Can’t Stop Reading Books On Their iPads

Anyway, she wanted to get a “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book – so I bought it for her. She’s been begging me for the FIRST one since the beginning of time. She immediately dove right in. While she was entranced, I started poking around for free reads or books that were under $.99 for my little ones. I found a handful of really good ones!

I think all in all I put about 25 books on their iPads. Most of them were geared towards Natalie which means I need to do a bit more digging for Liam today. But my goodness – they are like ANIMALS. All last night and all morning long JUST READING. What is going on??

They woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and then plopped on the couch and started READING. WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN?

I thought I’d put it out there just in case you have kids that are reluctant readers. Getting the Kindle App just might make a difference.

If you are looking for free book apps to add to your tablets, I wanted to share a few that I found online. 

Free Book Apps For Tablets 

  1. Amazon Kindle. 
  2. Google play books. 
  3. Wattpad. 
  4. B&N eReader.
  5. Stanza.
  6. Goodreads. 
  7. Oodles eBook Reader.
  8. Kobo. 
  9. Aldiko.
  10. Project Gutenberg. 
  11. Open Library. 
  12. Internet Archive. 
  13. BookBoon. 
  15. Free eBooks. 
  16. LibriVox.

These are all a great place to start. We naturally started with the Kindle because it was something that I already used. 

Can I Have My Apple Products Read These Books Outloud?

By tweaking Accessibility settings, you can make Siri read books aloud. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen and set Siri to read any text that’s currently displayed. It doesn’t matter what app you are in. 

How Can I Find Free Books On Amazon?

If you search the Amazon website for “free Kindle books,” you will find over 50,000 results. Enjoy!

I Want Free Audiobooks! Where Do I Go For That?

  1. Librivox.
  2. Lit2Go.
  3. Loyal Books.
  4. Mind Webs.
  5. Open Culture.
  6. Overdrive.
  7. Podiobooks.
  8. Project Gutenberg.

I hope I’ve set you on the right path to help you get a few free book apps for kids. You can even enjoy them yourself! 

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  1. Thanks for this Ver my kids have so much to read and they like to read but this will take it to another level so thanks for sharing:)

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