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Daily Diary: Let’s Talk About Nothing

We finally had a chance to sit down at the pool yesterday and just exist. We’ve been running around quite a bit seeing everything that Antigua and Sandals Grande Antigua has to offer. Our schedule has been overflowing with tours and meetings and lunches. It’s all been simply amazing!!! But yesterday was our first real break of time where we had nothing scheduled for a block of time.

We took full advantage of it folks. And did nothing.

Bill – slept and slept HARD by the pool. Me? I read and read and read. I’ve read three books so far since escaping NY. I am going to try to get to five and when I do I will write up the complete list and share it on the blog. They are all free BTW – I never pay for books. Everything I download is from my Amazon Prime subscription and goes right to my Kindle app. Stay tuned for that list because I actually found a few good ones this time around (which isn’t ALWAYS the case).

Anyway, this morning we are heading out to take part in the Sandals Foundation Reading Road Trip. I cannot WAIT !!! We are going to read to one of the classes in the local elementary schools. I wish I knew I was doing this — I would have brought them gifts! AHHH. I literally have nothing to give! I might send them a package when I get home. Actually, I absolutely will. I have so many things in my attic (unopened and unused) that need a good home. I just know that this is where they all need to end up!!

Ok – we are off! Until tomorrow!

Bill is a guy trying to be dad and husband while running an online media company at home with his wife. Piece of cake.

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