Ok Spreadsheet Wasn’t Robust Enough – Caved And Bought Software To Manage My Finances

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Have a budget/ getting my finances in order / “2014 is all about understanding where we stand” UPDATE:

I tried for a while to use the spreadsheet I created but it just didn’t cut it. I needed to know what was in my bank account too and that couldn’t be pulled in automatically which was a BIG PROBLEM. It got old fast. I ended up spending around $40 on Quicken and so far so good.

Few issues.

There’s no way to see when the bill is DUE for the credit cards. 

As far as I can tell, you can’t pay bills through Quicken. (Though I thought I read somewhere that you can)

I’m having a hard time linking two of my credit cards. So, my snapshot is incomplete. 

I LITERALLY just downloaded it and need some more time to play around — but so far so good. I like Quicken because it also breaks down your purchases by category.  What a bonus!! You can see how much you spent on dining, groceries, gifts etc. NICE TO KNOW! In other words, my spreadsheet was a bust.

I need two more days to really get it set up correctly and running seamlessly. Once we are rolling, I have a feeling that we will be back on track.

What do you use to track all your finances???

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  1. check out im not sure if you can pay your bills directly because i just use it to see what i owe.

  2. I use I don’t think you can pay your bill through it, but you can see the due dates and they send you reminders when they come due. Plus it’s free!

  3. You can’t pay bills through Is your Quicken on a Mac or PC? The PC version is much more robust than the Mac version. If you pay your bills through your bank, you should be able to automatically download them to Quicken. I use iBank (Mac). Don’t love it, so am looking for a new tool. Will look into Quicken.

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