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Daily Diary: Decided AGAINST Renewing My Vows

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I found the dress I was going to wear. I was all ready to renew my vows to Bill. I even bought this puppy and took it home with me. And then I had a vision of showing the pictures to the kids and just crushing them.

Wouldn’t they want to be with us when we got married again?

I can’t do this. I can’t get married without my babies with me. I mean… how many times am I going to renew my vows? I’m assuming only ONCE. I NEED to have my kids with me. My daughter will be DEVASTATED if she wasn’t standing by my side.

It’s not happening. I turned down the offer… even though I know it would have been magical.

(I’m keeping the dress though)

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  1. 20 or 25 is a good number to renew your vows (you are almost there 🙂
    All the kids will be older & able to understand on a deeper level and appreciate all the love you and your husband have for each other.

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