All Ready For Christmas: Decorations Are Finally Complete #pfdecorates


Folks! We are only a few weeks away from the big day – Christmas! My children love walking by our tree every morning to check out and count their presents. I host Christmas Eve for my entire family and everyone drops off their goodies beforehand. So, it all piles up. Natalie and Liam just LOVE IT. Me? I’m fixated on my new Christmas tree skirt by Red Envelope. The reindeers, doves and snowflakes are such a treat and I love the pop of color it brings to my living room. My wood floors are so dark — the skirt really lightens things up!


There’s something so festive about reindeer and doves, right? They bring to mind so many traditional Christmas songs. I couldn’t bear to put the presents over them all. So, instead, I piled the presents alongside the edge of my tree. That way we could appreciate the festive decor every time we passed.


Here’s a view of my entire set up. Baby Jesus sits at the foot of my tree — a family heirloom that was passed down to me by my grandmother. I cannot wait for Christmas Eve so I can show my entire family what fun changes we’ve made in our holiday decor!

On Christmas morning, the kids sing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus. I just love it! Do you have any special Christmas traditions that you are looking forward to?



On my front door, guests are greeted by a Eucalyptus and Berry Wreath by Pro Flowers. The bright red ribbon and the fresh, clean scent of Eucalyptus are both so inviting. We always get a real wreath for our front door but it’s usually pine. This was a GREAT change! And once it dries out, you can keep the wreath!! It dries to a “preserved finish”.


Ready for another idea on how to use that wreath? How about making it into your Christmas table centerpiece? TWO IN ONE!! All you have to do is find a gold or red candle and place it in the center. I love this idea because it not only saves you money but it really adds some great holiday scents to your family dining room. 


I also took some red and blue ornaments from my Christmas tree and placed them in my soup bowls to add a little extra color to my beige china set. To top it all off – I placed my porcelain luminaria village set I got from Red Envelope on each side of my wreath. Turn on the tea lights in each piece and dim the lights in your room once dinner is over for a special treat your guests will love.

Have fun with it!

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