Massive Holiday Giveaway Hop: 26 Contests In All!! Start Here And Enter To Win $50 Gift Card To Home Goods


You will not believe this but I’ve teamed up with my friends to host the giveaways of all giveaways this holiday season. I’m talking 26 amazing contests for you to explore — and they are all AMAZING!!! AHHHH! I mean… can I enter? Actually – I can’t … but whatever. I’m not bitter or anything.

Tis’ the season to be festive. So, I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Home Goods – one of my favorite stores. To enter, try your luck by filling out my Rafflecopter form below.


Ready to enter some of the other contests??? Here you go — all these women are part of my CLOSE blogger friend circle. So, don’t be afraid to head on over to their sites and enter.

Contests end December 17th!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I have an addiction to Home Goods! I’d love to get more Christmas decor πŸ™‚


  2. I would get holiday decor so I can use it year after year. I love home goods selection and there prices.

  3. It would be hard to decide but I would probably buy new towels for my bathroom (they are really needed!).

  4. I’d use my GC to buy new room decor for our daughter! I love the prices at HomeGoods!

  5. they have such a good deal on gift wrap but also I am so in need of sheets to that is where I would head first toward the bedding.

  6. I would buy a birthday gift for my Mom. I like to shop for home decor items at Home Goods

  7. I love the surprises at Home Goods. But I also love the things I can count on – like quality and a great price. And the soaps. I buy their liquid hand soaps and have never been happier with my hand soap.

    I would buy surprises – maybe a really nice tablecloth or two.

  8. Recently, I visted Home Goods for the first time, and fell in love! They have a great selection and great prices πŸ™‚ My mother-in-law was with me, and she had her “eye” on several things, so I would use the card for her!

  9. If I won I would love to get some new towels. I love how Homegoods is always fresh and new every time I go in there I find something else to love!

  10. I would use it for holiday shopping. Love the great price and selection of HomeGoods.

  11. I will decorate for Christmas. I love Homegoods because they have everything you want for decorating your home!

  12. I’d buy some new decor for my house. It could really use it! I love that I always find something new and different at Home Goods.

  13. I’d get some new decor for my home – it could really use it! I love that I find something new and different every time I’m at Home Goods.

  14. We moved about a year ago and still need curtains! This would really help us pull our house together.

  15. I love browsing through Home Goods, I look at everything, my fave things to grab are home decor, candles, and cookware

    jenni_412 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Love the variety of stuff they have at Home Goods and the prices. I’ve gotten some great things for our home as well as really reasonable birthday party gifts there.

  17. I would buy some new home decor. It’s a rare opportunity for me. I love Home Goods prices and style!!

  18. I will buy some items to freshen up my living room. I love that homegoods have cute, affordable items.

  19. FUN– love home goods… but I always spend way too much in there..

    I would love some more holiday decorations..

  20. I would get some pretty candles for holiday decorating.

    mia at jacobsracing dot com

  21. I love Home Goods! It’s always a treat when I make it to one when we’re traveling. I would especially love some more storage for my home.

  22. I would get some holiday home dΓ©cor! I love their prices and the unique things you can’t find at other places

  23. I would give it to my mom since she wants some new pieces for the house.

  24. i love all the eclectic stuff they have that fits everyone needs! I would buy stuff for the house and decorations!

    lovely.rose at aol dot com

  25. I would get new throw pillows for my sofa. I love their great prices!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  26. I think I would look for a cozy new blanket for the couch to snuggle up in with my kids.

  27. I’d buy something for our new apartment. I love that you never know what you’ll find next at homegoods

  28. I would get a new decorative mirror. I love the selection and variety of unique products they have.

  29. I would buy my mother-in-law some new pans, hers are all scratched up and old. Her husband passed away recently and they were very frugal, wouldn’t splurge on new pans. This would be a great present for her!

  30. I have never been to a Home Goods store but they look like it would have many different options to help you make your home the best it can be. I need to look at their storage options for my kitchen.
    reejen at

  31. We are moving soon, and I would use it to buy some new decor for our new place. It’s been awhile since I have updated pillows and such. πŸ™‚ I love the affordable prices!

  32. I love that home goods has the most unique things. Believe it or not I really like buying food items there. They have lots of gourmet, gluten free, organic items

  33. I would buy things for our home. Since we moved in we haven’t really decorated much.

    Diana C

  34. I would buy some new rugs. I love the selection and price! They have quality items at great prices.

  35. I love that they have such great deals. I’d probably get something for myself and let my mom grab a little something too.

  36. I have always been a HUGE fan of Homegood’s, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s….. so naturally I jumped on this giveaway!! I would use this for a gift for my mom…. I would find something extra special for her there and gift it to her! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!!!

  37. I’d love to get a few extra holiday decor items from Home Goods – they have some pretty great candles, ornaments, and snow globes for starters. I love the prices and variety of items at Home Goods and shop there for friends and family often!

  38. I love HomeGoods – one finally opened near me! I will probably buy fun kitchen things. I love to cook πŸ™‚

  39. Christmas decorations are my passion, as long as I have snowmen everywhere I am a happy camper!

  40. I’ll use the giftcard to get some new throw pillows. I love looking at the lamps and kitchen ware at HomeGoods.

  41. I would use the gift card to buy something fun – not sure what! It is always an adventure in HomeGoods and you never know what treasures you may find! That is what I love best about it … you find things you didn’t even know you wanted! πŸ™‚

  42. I love everything about Home Goods! I could spend hours just browsing! I am getting a new apartment soon and I’ll need new furnishings so I would use it toward that!

  43. Home Goods is a wonderful place. So many different things to choose and I would use the gift card for Christmas gifts.

  44. It’s fun to browse at Home Goods. I need a new lamp for the bedroom so that’s what I’d put the money toward!

  45. I would love to use it toward a wall clock. I love the Home Goods because their products are unique and affordable. Thanks for the awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  46. I will use the Home Goods Gift Card for gifts for my 21 friends and relatives. Three of the gifts are already given for the out of town ones who won’t be back for the holidays. Weekly, I go to Marshalls and TJMaxx, which are sister companies to HomeGoods, to see what’s new that’s come in.

  47. I will use it buy a few things for my nephews nautical room. I love that Homegoods has everything to make your home look nice at a reasonable price.

  48. I would use the gift card to add artwork to my new apartment! I love the selection at Home Goods.

  49. I have never shopped at Home Goods before, so if I win the GC it will be a fun new experience for me. :0)

  50. I love their prices! They have such a great selection, too! I’d probably get things for our house and something for me. πŸ™‚

  51. I’d love to get some serving bowls. I do enjoy the cozy feeling of Home Goods.

  52. I’d like to get some serving bowls. I think I really like the cozy feel of Home Goods stores.

  53. I’d give the gift card to my GF, she’ll know what to use it on πŸ™‚

  54. We don’t have a Home Goods store near us; I have never been in one. I will have to look online to see what they have. I would love to find some home decor, maybe throw pillows? Thank you for sharing.

  55. I would use the gift card to buy holiday decor…I have a Christmas obsession! I love the great selection of products they offer.

  56. I will use this gift card to spruce up my living room- we just bought a new couch and would love to get some new accessories to tie the room all together!I love home goods prices!!!

    movalbabysitter at gmail dot com

  57. I can’t stay out of the bath section of Home Goods. I love towels, rugs and bathroom accessories. I have picked up some really lovely items and the prices are always awesome!

  58. I will probably buy some wine glasses and maybe a vase. I love everything about homegoods.

  59. My mom never spend money in her self and always spend it on everyone else. So I’d take her to buy whatever she wants for Christmas .

  60. I’ve never shopped at Home Goods but I would probably get some holiday decorations

  61. Homegoods has such great stuff! I would use the gift card to buy some cute things to enhance my apartment πŸ™‚

  62. I have never been in a Home Goods but they are putting one in about 20 minutes away from me!

  63. I love housewarming gifts at Home Goods, and I would use this to buy new curtains.

  64. I would help out a coworker that recently lost everything in a fire to make her Christmas better.

  65. I have never been to Home Goods, but would love the chance to go and do some shopping!

  66. I would give this GC to my sister. What I love from Home Goods is their selection of frames.

  67. I will give this to my mother or use it to buy something for my sister in law. I am unsure as of yet.

  68. I would buy some bathroom decor for our master bath. I love Home Goods for the variety and their prices!

  69. I would use the gift card to by a new bedding set. The fact that Home Goods has such a wide selection of things for my home is what I like most about the store.

  70. would get me mom something with it, or maybe just give it to her – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  71. I love that I can always find adorable, unique home dΓ©cor! That is what I would shop for!

  72. I would use the gift card towards some nice comfy new sheets. I love the great variety of items I find at Home Goods and the great prices.

  73. I love the quality of the items at Home Goods – I would look for some new curtains!

  74. Home Goods always has something new and different whether its for the kitchen or the bathroom. I’m also thrilled that a store opened close to me.

  75. I love everything about Home Goods – It is my most favorite store. I need so greenery so I might use my card to buy a silk plant arrangement

  76. My mother actually won products from Home Goods recently. They are quality, smell awesome and are beautiful. I would love to try them out too! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  77. I’d be looking for a lamp and throw pillows for our porch. I have never been to a Home Goods but did check the locations. One is by my son’s place two hours away and one is near hubby’s family just an hour away. Thanks!

  78. I would love to find some new throw pillows for our couch and love seat and maybe some new art or mirrors for the walls in our home! πŸ™‚

  79. I would love to give this giftcard to my mom if I won! She loves homegoods and what better way to spread holiday cheer then to give this season!

  80. I have two tweenagers who are all grown out of their little girl room. I’d use the gift card to help them get some nice new things.

  81. I would get a basket for storage. I like the wide variety of fun towels and cute kitchen things

  82. id get some christmas presents with it- i love their blankets and home decor!

  83. I would use it to help me organize and decorate my guest room. I love homegoods because of the great gift and decorating ideas targeted at all different budgets.

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