Take Your Christmas Mantel To The Next Level With ProFlowers And Red Envelope (Plus 20% Off Coupons!) #PFDecorates



How fun is this?! Every year, my husband and I decorate our mantel with Christmas stockings and holiday decor. But this week – we did something a little different. We added fresh decorative greens from ProFlowers and MY GOODNESS I am SO HAPPY!

We are not “real tree” owners. I can’t handle a real tree. Heck – I can’t even handle a cactus! So, walking into my home and smelling fresh forest greens is just so inviting and warm. This is the game changer folks!



The ProFlowers fresh decorative greens were so easy to lay too. Once we had everything how we wanted it, we just placed our decorations and stepped back to enjoy.


I love how ProFlowers supplied pine cones too – it really brought the outside in. Talk about embracing the winter spirit!! Makes me want to light a fire and serve up some hot cocoa to the kids.


In addition to the fresh decorative greens, I also added two Happy Holiday Wreaths — one on each side of my mantle. I have hooks in place above each of my outlets. I actually hung the wreaths upside down so I could entirely hide my outlet and even though the ribbon is hanging upside down it still looked FAB.


To show you what it actually looks like hung properly, I flipped it around. But in my house, I have the outlet to consider. I know you won’t have this issue! Either way, the eucalyptus wreath looked amazing.




And to round out the fireplace, we thought it would be fun to have a porcelain luminaria village set from Red Envelope at the base. Each night, our children turn the lights on and it’s just the sweetest thing! The set – which consists of 4 houses and three trees – includes individual tea lights for that nighttime glow. What a pleasure.


I have a special discount code for 20% off purchases through December 31, 2013!!

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