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Daily Diary: Thanksgiving With Family And Friends


Lots of turkey photos to share with you today. Thanksgiving was so much fun this year. Everybody – and I mean everybody – came. Usually we aren’t this packed. But this year it was straight up chaos. But isn’t that the best kinda holiday? There actually weren’t even enough seats for all the guests! We had to switch and swap around to eat! LOVE IT. thanks_2


But the kids had fun and so we did we. Well, almost all the kids. Caleb was having a heart attack 90% of the time. The noise level was THROUGH THE ROOF. The Maltese are known for many things and one of them is their volume. Caleb …. was not happy. 🙂 thanks_6 thanks_7

It was really nice to catch up with everyone. I missed last year because of bed rest. So, it was really special to be surrounded by loved ones this year – especially with our new addition.

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