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    ENTER TO WIN: Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver™ Nintendo 3DS Game

    Hot Wheels World's Best Driver - 3DS {Front]

    Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver™ lets players get behind the wheel of Hot Wheels® vehicles while joining the ranks of Team Hot Wheels™. The game is a great riff on the classic Hot Wheels® brand we all know and love, but in a whole new way. The game play and graphics are really impressive. You have the option to play in a number of ways, including dozens of unique, fast-paced, re-playable challenges all highlighting the different driving styles of Team Hot Wheels. You have the speed record-breaking Green Team, the show-stopping stunts of the Red Team, the high-tech precision of the Blue Team and the world record-breaking jumps of the Yellow Team. The game is a lot of fun, whether you like car racing games or not. I played with Liam for hours and we had a blast! It’s actually exciting since it’s so fast paced.

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    Check out these features:

    Thrilling Vehicle Experiences! – Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver tests players’ skills with unstoppable speed, outrageous stunts and record-setting jumps.

    Join Team Hot Wheels! – Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver lets players compete in adrenaline charged challenges that highlight the traits of the Green, Red, Blue and Yellow teams

    Awesome Hot Wheels Vehicles! –Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver features 24 outrageous and iconic Hot Wheels vehicles; there’s something for everyone!


    Amazing Environments! – Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver takes players to exotic locations with extreme tracks set in four Hot Wheels Test Facilities around the world.

    Race with Friends and Family! – Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver brings friends and families together with fun, accessible game play.

    Never-Ending Fun! – Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver lets players try their hand at dozens of re-playable challenges. Easy to play, difficult to master.

    One (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive their own copy of Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver™ for the Nintendo 3DS Game System!

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    1. yes we love to play with hot wheels. hot wheels are the best cars to play with.

    2. My hubby and sons are the game players and they LOVE racing games 🙂
      Well my hubby and oldest son do. My youngest is 2 and I think he loves crashing more then the actually racing part 🙂

    3. I do play racing games but this would be for my son, he wanted this game!

    4. I don’t play car racing games very often (love Mario Kart and LBP Racing, though), but my older boys (ages 8, 13, and 17) love them!

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