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Choking On My Own Laughter With This One: A Great Marketing Campaign You Cannot Miss #flexlikecarrie

Sometimes those crazy marketers get it right. Most of the times they do not. But SOMETIMES they get it SO RIGHT THAT I LITERALLY cannot STAND IT. This campaign made me VERY VERY HAPPY. I mean – are you kidding me? I WISH I WAS THERE when this happened. I probably would have ran out of the shop crying and screaming all types of prayers.

So, the story is the new movie Carrie is hitting theatres soon. It’s a remake of a great classic and some people are feeling very “been there – done that”. The buzz that the movie is generating is nothing to write home about – very average I would say. Upper management must have asked their team to think big and to come up with something that would get people talking about the new flick.

And H-E-R-E YOU GO! I am DYING. Watch the video – it’s pretty self explanatory.  By the second stunt with the tables, I started to cry because I was laughing so hard. Best video ever!


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