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    Hexbug Nano v2 Gravity Loop Toy Review (VIDEO)

    Hexbug nano v2 gravity loop toy review


    Both of my kids are enjoying the new Hexbug Nano V2 Gravity Loop. SUPER EASY to put together. In fact, Liam put it together – which is a huge selling point for ME as a parent. You can set up the gravity loop how you want and then sit back and watch your Hexbug go. I love the fact that the bug remains within the toy. No more running around trying to find the toy under my couch or table! LOL

    Anyway – true to form – the Hexbug does climb vertically up and around the loop. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

    Here’s a quick video of the Hexbug Nano v2 Gravity Loop in action. Let me know what you think. The HEXBUG Nano V2 Gravity Loop Set retails online for $20.98.

    * received sample at Toy Fair

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