Favorite Finds From The Parenting Experience



I had the opportunity to attend the Parenting Experience in NYC last week and was able to chat with a few great brands.  First up we have Plum Organic Baby Food. I’m always look for great combinations for Caleb. At 7 months old, we are still exploring new tastes and smells. He just about lost himself in “Pumpkin, Dates, Oats and Chia”. I was laughing as I was feeding him the pouch because I don’t think I’ve ever ate such an elaborate meal as a child. When I was little it was just… peas. Now, it’s these amazing, healthy, nutritious combinations! And they taste as good as they sound. I was really happy to take home those samples. Caleb was happier.

Seventh Generation is known for their amazing diaper line. But did you know they have a beauty line that is hitting the industry by storm? Available at Walgreens, the new Boost serum line combats every skin issue (hydrating, clearing, soothing, revitalizing, firming, protecting) and is available for under $15.  I checked the website and some are on sale for $9.99!!

parenting_experience_3Tommee Tippee has released a new diaper disposal unit that will rock your world. It’s the only 360 degree sealer on the market that individually seals each dirty diaper providing true odor control. BLISS!  Add that to an already existing range of high quality baby products and you are all set.


Muck Boots – a giveaway and full review coming up – showcased their kid line which I went batty over. I ADORE the fun designs for the younger kids and the bright bases and solid tops for the older. Your children will thank you for the 100% waterproof boot – not just the soles – during those rain/snowstorms. parenting_experience_5

LG showed off their newest fridge that I pretty much would kill someone for. It’s call the LG Door In Door Refrigerator. I made a really quick demo video showing off the main feature. Yeah. pretty much sums up the awesomeness of it all.

K12 allowed us to try out their online educational tools and walked us through their guided lesson plans. The system can be used as an extension for students who need extra help at home as a bridge to their current curriculum OR the program can be used as a home school platform. There were several students actively working through their day’s lessons during the event while we were getting our walkthrough. So, you can use the all-encompassing program as little or as much as you’d like.


Last but not least, there was Kindred – a one of a kind baby clothing company. Each piece hand made. Each piece unique to itself. Made with organic fabrics and crafted in NYC. To place an order or to see what pieces are currently available, visit their website. Absolutely darling.

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