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Daily Diary: Finally Put In A Shoe Rack In My Closet


Oh my gosh. I’m going to show you my dirty little secret. My closet. It was a complete disaster for way too long. I would actually have my children dig out my shoes for me. I would find one pair and then let them compete to find the next because I couldn’t handle the chaos. Finally – Bill and I headed to the Container Store and bought a shoe rack system that he installed a few days ago.


The first step was to clean out all my shoes from the small space.


And by doing so, I uncovered that ALL OF THIS was in my closet. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! It was like Mary Poppins’ never-ending bag! The installation was easy enough. I placed all my shoes back where they belonged and then…. voila!

This really quick video (16 seconds) shows it all — notice how the racks pull out. That is so COOL! Each rack has two rows – so there’s a lot of room but it’s all organized. I am beyond happy.

Next step for me. Remove all my summer dresses from my closet and store them away during the winter months. But that will be next week. 🙂

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