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Daily Diary: Back To School Night Fun (But Where’s Caleb?)

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My daughter’s back to school night last week gave me a little anxiety. Third grade state testing has been haunting my dreams … or should I say nightmares. I was uber nervous about the whole thing. But Liam’s first grade back to school night was a breeze. I didn’t even get dressed up for it. Everyone usually puts their best foot forward and me? I walked in with a camo green jacket and an over-sized sweater. I’m not even sure I had makeup on now that I’m thinking about it.

No worries! I was waiting for someone to hand me a pina colada when I walked in – where’s the party at? 🙂 Lots of friends in his class too which was great to see. I know he will have a wonderful year.

I sat in his desk and took a look at the picture he drew for us. It was really detailed which was surprising. The entire family was at the park with the sun shining and some flowers. Even the two dogs were in the pic.

Wait a minute????

We are missing someone. Where is Caleb!? hahahahahah

When I got home, I showed Liam the picture and told him what an amazing job he did on the drawing and asked about Caleb. He looked around a bit as if to figure it out himself and then just started laughing.

OOPS! I forgot!

I guess Caleb is just 7 months old. That’s sort of still new? Right?

Either way – we are going to have a great year. I love his teacher. I love her methods. I love the warmth she brings to the classroom. I just know he is in good hands.  So so happy.

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  1. awww so cute! I’m sure they’ll both do great this year 🙂
    Also, while browsing the internet, I found this free $30 gift card to Benihana (which I’ve realized you write about a lot :p) for your birthday if you register on their site.. something you might be interested in if you didn’t do it already LOL 😉

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