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Daily Diary: Lover… Thy Name Is Mallomars

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My in-laws came over today to watch the kids and brought us a box of Mallomars. It’s sort of a NY treat. I don’t think these cookies are available everywhere and they most certainly are not available all year long. They are seasonal and we are in that season. The kids had some after dinner and I went over to grab one to try right before heading to bed.

Are you freaking kidding me?




That is the best damn cookie I’ve ever had in my LIFE. I didn’t need this knowledge right now! Ignorance is bliss and I wish I never tasted them because DAYYYYYYUUUUUMMMMM they were good.

Anyway, if you come across any Mallomars while food shopping pick them up and get ready for your life to change.

(and yes, I made that Some eCard)

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  1. Love, love, love those. Haven’t had them in years. It was one of my favs as a kid. I can still picture the long box and the wax paper inside. And the different ways to eat them… just bite in, east the marshmallow first.

    I would sometimes stick a fork in the mallomar and hold it over the flame on the stove. Smores in the winter in NYC.

    But wow the price of those cookies — I feel old. I am not going to be tempted. Ha.

    Love the card!

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