Son Jung Wan Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Show #NYFW #MBFW

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With the backdrop of memories from Morocco, this years “Away…” collection by Son Yung Wan was nothing short of inspiring. The color balance between the smooth natural creamy tones and bright geometric bursts of brilliant colors portrayed a sophisticated yet intriguing allure. While incorporating the inspiration of vibrant energy from Moroccan marketplaces, the carefully selected fabrics flowed down the runway with ease and purpose. The array of silhouette’s ranged from sharp and powerful dropped V-cut necklines to more subtle yet flirtatious boat neck features.

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Ranging from colorful pantsuits and rompers to glitzy glam dresses, the versatility of the designs were flawless. With divine quality that shimmers to the masses, the pieces prove to be the work of a passionate, dedicated and brave designer. Combining all these elements, this collection boasts a look for the modern, confident and wanderlust individual who is eager to get jet setting with a look that inspires.


Written by Alana Denham Albrecht

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