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My Thoughts On The New Christian Grey

Ok so… you know I’m not a HUGE fan of the book ’50 Shades of Grey’. LOVED the concept – don’t get me wrong. It was the writing that made me want to slit my wrists. The over-usage of the same phrases over and over (and over) again. I wrote a post about it many moons ago – you could read it if you’d like – or we could just let all that animosity go and move on to bigger and sexier things.

The cast has officially been named for the ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie. The guy I wanted did not get picked unfortunately. Guess they didn’t get my memo. 🙁

But I’m not really complaining about who they picked to play Mr. Grey. I don’t know Charlie Hunnam at ALL. You see – I’m not a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ fan and I haven’t seen a SINGLE movie this man has starred in which is almost unbelievable.  So, I’m going in blind(folded) and sometimes that’s a nice feeling because it leaves a lot of room to be surprised.

The female lead I REALLY REALLY wanted to go to Amanda Seyfried… but the role went to Dakota Fanning which is think is cr-azy!!! OMG! I view her as a CHILD which I know is wrong because she is much older these days but… really??? I almost feel dirty thinking about her in this role. Like it’s wrong! ICK. 

UPDATE — I was wrong! Thank you for correcting me Brianna — it’s Dakota Johnson. Oh thank goodness!!!

So – I don’t know. It wasn’t Ian Somerhalder and it wasn’t Amanda Seyfried. I guess that’s why I’m not a casting agent. What do you think about this mix? Are you happy with Dakota and Charlie? Are you excited to see ’50 Shades of Grey’???

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  1. It’s Dakota Johnson, not Dakota Fanning. I haven’t even read the books, but that would be weird if it were Dakota Fanning.

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