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Daily Diary: I’m Going To Get Political In A Very Non-Political Way

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So…. I watch a lot of horror and Sci Fi movies. Those are the only types I like.  Not really into comedy although I did catch ‘Ted’ two nights ago and it wasn’t half bad. But anyway – in my horror / sci-fi movies, there’s always this staple starter scene.

Family in the kitchen making breakfast.

Small television is blasting in the background airing the news.

News reporter is talking about some horrific / imminent threat that is occurring. The meteor that is only a few days away. The UFO that is stationed over the White House that isn’t moving. The army of zombies that is multiplying just outside of the safety wall. Whatever the threat is – the reporter is giving an update in this particular scene.

And during that moment, the kids are so very intrigued by the news and the parents are busy cooking eggs and bacon. As soon as the children ask a question, the parents turn the news off and serve the meal.

Sweeping it right under the table.

“Pass the ketchup dear. Pour little Jimmy a second glass of milk before you go.”

That’s what I feel like this weekend.

We are BBQing. We are blogging. We are shopping. We are watching fireworks. And there’s this major International event occurring in the background.  And we are just turning it off.

And the ones that ARE being very vocal about it online are completely missing the point. I feel like I’m in a movie right now. And I’m afraid because I know how it ends…

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