5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making Right Now


I just went to get my daughter’s haircut for “back to school” over the weekend. While there, I had a little chat with the stylist about hair care and she reminded me about some common hair care mistakes I’m guilty of. Figured I’d point them out to you as well as a safety reminder:



5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #1 You aren’t using a wide tooth comb to brush your hair when it’s wet. Remember! You can’t use the same brush on both dry and wet hair. You must change your tools. Very important. A regular brush will break your hair if it’s wet.

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5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making Right Now #2 You aren’t taking hair / skin / nail supplements. If you have dull looking hair, you might need to start from the inside – out. Think about adding extra vitamins to your routine. They really will make a difference. AND the great news is they will help your skin and nails at the same time!



5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making Right Now #3: You are putting on too much product after your shower. Less is more when it comes to your hair. Don’t slather on too much styling gel / serum / oil otherwise you won’t be able to stretch out the style. If you put on a small amount, you might be able to squeeze two days out of a great blow out. Put on too much and you will wake up an oily mess the next morning.



5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making Right Now #4 You aren’t using dry shampoo. I’m sorry I keep talking about this but seriously. This is MAJOR. I am OBSESSED with dry shampoo. Life. Saver.


5 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making Right Now #5 You aren’t letting your hair completely dry before using heat tools.  Your hair must be 100% dry before flat ironing or curling. Don’t even think about taking  a chance here. I don’t care if you only have 5 minutes to spare. It’s just not worth the risk! Either it’s completely dry or you don’t do it.

Do you have any hair care mistakes you’d like to share?!

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