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Daily Diary: I Want To Live On Bacon Road (No Seriously)

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While driving to a festival yesterday afternoon (which I will write about tomorrow), I came across this sign and forced my husband to pull over. BACON ROAD. Are you kidding me? This was my life for 9 full months while pregnant with Caleb. I was borderline anemic and my bod was craving iron. It presented with an obsessive need to eat a grilled cheese with bacon on a roll DAILY.

Oh man… now I want one right now.

Anyway, Old Westbury is a ridiculously beautiful town. It’s about 3 miles from where I live right now. In fact, I posted this picture on my Instagram account yesterday and my friend told me that her husband ACTUALLY GREW UP ON BACON ROAD! What a small world!

If you could live on any named street… what would yours be?!

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  1. there is road not far from where we live now called shoe overlook. I want to move there just to get little shoe return address labels

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