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Daily Diary: Swimming Lessons During The Coldest Weeks Of Summer

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Blazing hot. That’s how I would describe NY summers… especially the past few years. This one has been no different, right? Melt your makeup off kinda hot.

Then the Sweeney family started swim lessons. And all of a sudden the sun decided she wanted to take a vacation (yes, she is a she). So, we’ve been blue-lipped and freezing every single morning attempting to learn the backstroke. Are you kidding me?! The kids are DYING.

Every morning the question comes: DO WE HAVE TO GO TODAY?

Yes. You do. Because I paid for this lesson and you are taking it child-o-mine.

But BOY do I feel bad for them. Today it’s supposed to rain and guess what? The lessons aren’t canceled unless there’s lightening. So these poor kids are going to be swimming in the rain. Am I crazy to even think about bringing them? UGH – it’s driving me crazy.

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