Put This Next To Your Kitchen Sink And Thank Me Later

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I have friends that wear rubber gloves when they do dishes. I’m not ready to go there yet (or ever) but I guess it’s a really smart idea. TALK ABOUT PROTECTION! I’ve been doing a boat load of dishes while on vacation because we are staying in a timeshare unit and I need to clean our breakfast and snack plates several times a day.

My hands are disgusting right now.  They are so DRY. I’ve been overcompensating with lotion but that’s just not enough. I need some exfoliation here!!

I did a quick search online and placed an order for when I get home. LOVE L’Occitane. Obsessed with the brand actually. They have this  “One Minute Hand Scrub” that is specifically made to deal with dry and damaged hands (sounds like me).

From the brand:

This bi-phase formula contains exfoliating organic sugar to gently scrub and eliminate dead skin cells, then replenishes with a combination of sweet almond and grapeseed oils. Your hands are left incredibly soft and the nail area becomes perfectly neat.

Where will I keep this? Right next to my kitchen sink. That way, whenever I have to do a quick wash… I will REPAIR with the scrub.

Retails for $22.

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