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Daily Diary: I Love Our Hoop… But Is Playing Basketball Normally This Dirty?


We’re having so much fun with our new basketball hoop. It wasn’t fun putting it together. It was freaking hot and long – but it happened and it’s behind us now. Every morning, before camp, we all head out before the heat kicks in and shoot a few. Yes me too.

Here’s the problem though… the kids get FILTHY. I mean – look at their hands. That’s every single time we play. That can’t be right? Is it? Are you supposed to get THAT DIRTY when you play basketball? I’m so confused!!



I have a sneaking suspicion it’s our driveway. We have a little spot where one of our cars leaked oil and I’m thinking the trouble occurs when the ball bounces on it ?? I ended up buying a Power Washer from Amazon because I don’t know what else to do?! The rain has done nothing to get rid of that mark. It’s been there for YEARS.


Either way, the kids love it! I love it. I am SO HAPPY we made the investment. I will suggest that you buy a basketball hoop from a place that actually puts it together though. I think Toys R Us does installments for like $35! WELL WORTH your Saturday morning (and afternoon).

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