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Daily Diary: Low Key And Fabulous

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Our summer has been pretty easy going so far. We are going away in a week or so which means things will change. But for the majority of this season, we’ve been very LAX. And I loved it.

I didn’t sign the kids up for a ton of different camps. I’m not obsessively attempting to schedule play dates on a regular basis (although we have been doing a few a week by chance). Bill and I aren’t pushing to have date nights. We’ve just been… chill. Staying indoors. Having movie nights. Playing boardgames. A little XBox. A lot of Minecraft and Littlest Pet Shop. It’s been really nice.

I think there’s this HYPE surrounding parenthood. Busy is better … and I just don’t buy into that anymore. Happy is better. Calm is better. Easy is better. That’s where I am right now.

Talk to me next week when I’m on vacation with the entire family – our FIRST ROAD TRIP OH MY WORD. I won’t be using words like calm or easy then I AM SURE. 🙂

But for now… my feet are up. My baby is smiling and everything is a-ok.

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