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Daily Diary: A Low Key Weekend


I got SLAMMED with a cold out of the blue and it sort of sidelined me for a few days. It was actually really nice though. Stayed hyper-local. Ventured out occasionally to do something easy with the kids (like grab self-serve frozen yogurt) and hit the bed before 8PM every night.

I was NOT complaining about my bed time. BELIEVE ME. I have months and months of no sleep to make up for.


During it all, we took this shot of Caleb and my heart pretty much melts every single time I look at it. Such a sweet moment between a father and a son. And the BIB!!! The bib was perfect for the picture! hahahahahah I swear we didn’t plan it.


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  1. so cute that daddy and son have the same picture/whale on the shirt/bib. 😀

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