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Daily Diary: Sick As A Dog

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This week, my voice started to go. I thought it was odd but just kept trucking on. Then two nights ago, I got slammed with a horrific cold. I thought it was the FLU. My back was aching and I was exhausted / drained.

All day yesterday I basically slept. Kept telling myself I would go to the doctor today and get on meds. But by about 5PM, I knew I shouldn’t wait. So, I headed over to First Med – waited about an hour to see someone – and then got placed on a Z Pack.

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Thankfully, kids had camp and play dates afterwards. So, no one was really put out except for Bill. He had to hang with little Caleb – but that’s not a chore now is it? My dogs were in their glory because they slept with me on the couch all day and night. I haven’t stayed that still for quite some time.

After two Z Pack pills, I feel MUCH better. Still sick but seriously MUCH MUCH BETTER. I was supposed to go to the Hamptons today with Dove for this amazing day of eating, swimming and yoga…. but I had to pass. I’m not up for all of THAT. I’ll be watching my friends on Instagram have all the fun instead. I’ll live through their experiences. 🙂

Going to take it easy today and tomorrow and PRAY that Caleb doesn’t get this cold. Fingers crossed.

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