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Daily Diary: Potential Road Trip In The Works



I’m not 100% certain I am going to make this happen, but I had a little fun planning it last night for a few hours. We have a few days clear on our calendar and I thought it would be fun to HIT THE ROAD and just GO.

I obviously don’t want to go TOO crazy. Not trying to make it to California or anything. BUT I do want to go to some of those off-the-wall attractions. World’s largest rubberband ball and all that jazz. I mapped out 3 different routes.

  • North to Quebec City
  • South the Charlotte, NC
  • West to somewhere in ILL

I would love to go NORTH because they we could hit the Niagara Falls… but I think Caleb is just TOO YOUNG to go on that boat where you get soaked and I really want to experience that with the children. So, for that reason ONLY I want to omit North. We can go back when he is around 4. The falls aren’t going anywhere after all…

South looks good. There’s enough stops along the way – but I’ve been to them all. As an East Coaster, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to DC, Virginia, and Jersey. The only appeal would be once we got to our last stop – but my point was to have an adventure the entire way down. Believe me, there’s enough to do going South – but nothing new for me.

West… West is where my heart is. You might be asking me what sort of trip one can take West from NYC. Lots of options here! I mapped out all the way to Kentucky! There’s all these insane roadside stops like gem mines, caverns, the world’s largest ketchup bottle and more. I also found some amusement parks just in case the kids start losing their minds in the car.

I don’t know. Again – this totally might NOT happen because after I spent 2 hours researching routes and printing out options…. Bill didn’t even ASK to see them. My guess is he isn’t into it. I wish he was as adventurous as me. I would get in the car RIGHT NOW and just drive… but that’s not the man I married. 🙂

We shall see. Today we’ll talk about it a bit and figure out if it’s possible. I would DIE if we actually went. I would love to go TOMORROW. No joke… time will tell.

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