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I Officially Have An Addiction: Reached 1000 Pictures On Instagram

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Yesterday was Thursday – throwback Thursday. In Instagram world, you are supposed to post an old picture of yourself. I don’t have access to my childhood photo albums out here in Long Island. So, I did a quick search on Facebook to see if I had anything circa 1980. And I did.

Gotta love the Gremlins! LOL Well, I did apparently. Ah – who am I kidding! Still do.

Anyway, I realized that this stinky picture of me shoving myself between my fish tank and my bedroom wall was my 1,000th picture on Instagram. I mean… talk about an over-sharer.

I need help.

I think I started SERIOUSLY using the app less than a year ago. One thousand pictures in under a year. And 5 months of that time I was on bed rest. Seems like a lot to me!!

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