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Today’s Obsession: Peach Bellini Blush Tea From @Teavana

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Holy delicious!

I went to Teavana a few days ago to stock up on this month’s loose leaf tea flavors and opted for ‘Peach Bellini Blush‘ and ‘Berry Almond Amaretto’. I like them both – but I will say the Amaretto one smells better than it tastes. Still like it … but the Peach Bellini flavor is TO DIE FOR.

It is just perfect for the summer. I already went through half my canister. My $35 canister! I need to slow it down but I can’t help myself.

I’m telling you – I no longer run to Starbucks to get my Black Tea Lemonade daily. So even though I spend a lot of money on loose leaf tea, it’s a LOT less than what I paying at the BUCK.  They aren’t hurting though – because Starbucks BOUGHT Teavana a while ago. So, my money is just going into a different bank account. 🙂

Anyway – in case you are a tea girl like me… I ENCOURAGE you to check out the Peach Bellini Blush Tea. I add a tablespoon of their rock sugar to an entire pitcher just to give it a LITTLE bit of sweetness. You can add more or less if you’d like.

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