Earn Up To $20,000 For Your Child’s School With Box Tops For Education And Hanes #comfortsummit

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I’ve been hearing about Box Tops for about 5 years now. Have I done anything about it? Not really. I see them. I think about cutting them… and then I throw them in the garbage. I guess I never understood the impact I could have made on children’s education and their schools.

During a recent trip to Disney with Hanes, I learned all about the Box Tops for Education program and I am officially hooked. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get on some sort of committee next school year. What am I getting myself into?!!! As IF I have the time…. UGH! But I am borderline OBSESSED with spreading the message. It’s SO EASY to get involved and each school can earn up to $20,000!

I mean… with that figure looming over our heads…. how can we NOT participate!?

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Here’s a very high level overview of the program.

How does the Box Tops for Education program work?

There are several ways to earn money for your school.

  • Buy: Purchase items that have box tops on the packaging (this is not limited to food as MOST people think). 
  • Click: You shop in the marketplace and earn box tops through favorite stores like Target, LL Bean and MORE!
  • Sign Up: If you sign up for the newsletter, you will have a chance to earn bonus box tops by participating in surveys.
  • Attend: If you are your school’s coordinator – attend the regional meeting! By doing so, you will collect A TON of extra box top credits AND learn creative ways to boost your school’s numbers

How many brands participate in the Box Tops for Education Program?

Over 250! So seriously!! There’s no excuse! From Hanes to Ziploc to Betty Crocker – there’s a product that you USE that qualifies.

How can I earn Double Box Tops?

Every now and then there are specials / promotions to take advantage of. Right now, Hanes is having a double box top deal online. If you buy one of their ECOSmart printed shirts, you will earn twice the amount of box tops for your school. In a few weeks / months, you might find a section at Walmart showcasing food that is offering double box tops. Check the website often to see the latest and greatest.

How much is one Box Top worth?

A regular box top is worth $.10. So, think about that – every time you throw out that box of mac and cheese that you just cooked for your kids – you are THROWING AWAY MONEY. It takes two seconds to cut out the box top! Why not just clip it and save it?

Ready for some fast math. Let’s say that my family can clip $3 a month worth of Box Tops. I think that’s a fair assumption. 10 months of school = $30. I’m guessing there’s about 700 kids in my daughter’s school. (School is from 2nd to 5th grade: 25 kids per class – 5 or 6 classes per grade) If everyone clipped just $3 worth of box tops a month… that meets the $20,000 a year limit.




I don’t think $3 sounds like a big deal. Does it sounds impossible to you?

What is the MAX amount of money a school can earn each year?


Are there strings attached? What can the school use the Box Tops money on?

ANYTHING THEY WANT!  Do they want new iPads? Great. How about new school uniforms? Whatever works! There is no limitations on the money earned. As long as it’s going towards the enhancement of the school – you are good to go.

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Can I check to see how much money my school has earned so far?

YES! Click here to see where your school stands. My daughter’s school STINKS! It hasn’t raised $1,000 yet this year! I cannot believe it! Things are going to change in September!! 🙂

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But I don’t eat any processed food! How can I participate with Box Tops?

You still can! There are more participating categories than food and beverage. From school supplies to Hanes socks – BELIEVE ME – you are buying something that has Box Tops on it.

Have I sold you yet? I mean… $20,000 is a LOT of money!! Get your family and friends involved. Every penny counts. If we all chipped in – just think of the impact it would have on the educational system.

For more information on the Box Tops for Education program, click here.

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