How To Style Bangs: Tips From Sarah Potempa

If you’re growing out your bangs or just want them out of your face for the day, Aussie celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa has some tips and tricks for styling bangs.


Try a two-strand braid** across the top – this works well if you have layers and for pulling your bangs out of your face if you’re growing them out


o   Do a little French braid at the end to finish off – criss-cross bobby pin underneath, and pull the hair over to cover

o   Spray with Aussie Mega Hairspray or Aussie Sprunch Hairspray

  • *Tip – if you have shorter hair, use mini bobby pins!
  • *Tip — Throw on a vintage brooch or clip-on earring to dress up your look

**HOW TO: Two strand braid

a.       If you don’t know how to braid your own hair, this is the style for you! You just need two strands

b.      Take two strands of hair and French braid – add a little from each side, and weave over to the other side

c.       When you get away from the root, add a third strand and finish with a regular three strand braid

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