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Daily Diary: It’s Official! Weekends Are For Sports Once Again



Spring is FINALLY HERE (weather-wise at least) and that means that sports camps are back in action. Liam has signed up for baseball and soccer. Natalie is about to start tennis (and I’m trying to get her to sign up for softball too). This means that we no longer are in control of our weekends. They will be spent on the fields cheering on our little ones.

So much for running errands or going to the movies or sleeping in!



Last weekend was our official start. Liam met his new teammates and we got friendly with some new parents. Always a good way to make new friends.



We had our annual town parade (my town is infamous for parades) and off we went. By 7PM, we were POOPED. Well, Bill and I were at least. Natalie and Liam were ready for more action. LOL

It’s fun. But it’s CRAZY. I have friends with 3 or 4 kids who each have 2 or 3 games on Saturday. They have to split up the family and hope everyone makes it to where they have to be on time. I can’t imagine! Growing up, it just was NOT like this. But the mania is right up my alley I suppose… 🙂

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