The Croods Are Here!

Today is the day! The Croods are here!

The Croods Movie Poster

Over here at LATB, we have been posting for the last two weeks about The Croods and in particular I have been sharing things I learned while out in Los Angeles at the Dreamworks campus. Today the movie opens in theaters and I really hope all of our readers take their families and go enjoy this wonderful film.

One thing that makes The Croods so wonderful is that it drops you smack dab into an ultra-absorbing world. A world that a skeptic such as myself felt engrossed by for the full running time. I was captivated by the film because it felt like a true classic with the elements that defined old favorites such as The Lion King or Aladdin. The Croods features complex and well-developed characters. The movie eschews fart jokes and other potty humor and even tackles themes such as existentialism and evolution.

There is some incredible action. There is also a lot of suspense:

The Croods

There is even a romance:

The Croods

Of course, there are many heart-warming moments:

The Croods

And never to be forgotten, there are elements of the unexpected:

The Croods

I truly enjoyed falling into The Croods world and then being welcomed to the Dreamworks’ world where it was made. My visit to Dreamworks showed me the incredible world that the animators, directors and executives who made this film are ensconced in each day.

The famed L.A. traffic racing along the highway next to the campus is quietly drowned out by the large fountain located at the center of the campus. Below is a particularly lovely picture of the fountain from the first night of my trip.

The Croods - Dreamworks Campus

Our group also toured the full campus and enjoyed the serenity of the grounds complete with meandering walkways:

The Croods - Dreamworks Campus


The Croods - Dreamworks Campus

Benches where staff are encouraged to take brain-clearing breaks around serene ponds with bubbling water fountains:

The Croods - Dreamworks Campus

There is even a koi pond:

The Croods - Dreamworks Campus

With fish so numerous and enormous they practically jump right out at you (photo credit: Allison Toombs):

The Croods - Dreamworks Campus

The Dreamworks campus is a world made so peaceful and relaxing that you cannot help imagine how easily the creative juices must flow for the team members.

My favorite part of the trip was the opportunity to have lunch with one of The Croods‘ directors Kirk DiMecco. Below is a picture of some of the bloggers, including my new friends Lidia and Sommy, and myself with Kirk (photo credit: Sommy Rhee).

The Croods - Bloggers and Director Kirk DeMicco

When the trip was over I was sad to say goodbye to my, albeit short-lived, life inside The Croods/Dreamworks universe. Thank you to Dreamworks for an exceptional trip, it was an honor!

The Croods Blogger Summit


The Croods pictures courtesy of Dreamworks. Unless otherwise noted photo credit: Eric Charbonneau.

Click here for the film’s trailer.

Click here for the official website.

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