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Sad But True: The Migraines Have Returned

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Whenever I’m pregnant, my hormone levels actually MINIMIZE my migraines. I obviously get off all medication and my body compensates and corrects itself which is always a blessing. It’s been 3 weeks since giving birth to Caleb and I am SO SAD to say that the migraines have returned.

I have an appointment this week with my neurologist to get back on my daily pills. There was a small piece of me that was hoping my hormones would continue to eliminate the migraines – but no such luck.

I had a WHAMMY the other night. I didn’t sleep a wink (and not because Caleb parties hard at 3AM). I haven’t had one in MONTHS and that puppy took me by surprise. Oh well – so much for wishful thinking.

It is what it is. This is what my body needs. I’ve already made peace with the fact that I will be on these pills for the rest of my life. However, there are things to do to minimize the frequency. I just can’t do them YET. Exercising is a BIG one but I want to wait a few more weeks before I start hitting the treadmill.  Ah who am I kidding? There’s no treadmill in my future. But I am looking forward to walking around my neighborhood and playing tennis again.

My body still needs more time to recuperate before I get on that plan of action though.

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  1. I have to tell you, sometimes when I read your posts you sound like we should be twins! I haven’t committed to the daily pills yet, I’m still hoping to find the root of my problem or alternative treatment. But at 8 months pregnant, I am so not looking forward to the return of my migraines 🙁 Hang in there girl, you are not alone.

  2. Hey Vera!!!! Im on the same boat with you with these migrains from hell.. if it helps I have been taking Magnesium 250 and after two weeks on it my headaches have gotten better.. meaning not getting them every single day..maybe you can give it a try =)

    1. thats great that it works for you – sadly it did not for me. I dont know what it is?? maybe i just dont drink enough water????

  3. Vera, you’re on to something. It definitely could be the water factor. I stick my water in the freezer for a while. I need it chilly, a little icy – I find I drink more that way. My migraines have decreased a bit.

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